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Beachport (SA)Beachport is a beautiful town with enormous appeal. Beachport has a small population of 450, which more than triples in the summer months. The town has the relaxed atmosphere you get when you're on a beach holiday. There is plenty to do whether you're swimming in the crystal waters, strolling along the clean beaches, fishing or boating.

Originally named "Wirmalngrang" by the local Booandik Aboriginals, Beachport became a popular whaling station at the mouth of Lake George in the 1830s.

Beachport and nearby Rivoli Bay are approximately 51km south of Robe - one  of Australia's longest jettys (772m) extends into Rivoli Bay. There are safe swimming beaches and three museums which canvas the region’s whaling, shipping, military and Aboriginal heritage. 

Along Foster Street you will come across a lighthouse that looks over Penguin Island. The lighthouse was built in 1878 on Penguin Island and was moved to the mainland in 1960. Here you can lookout over Penguin Island and watch the penguins, fur seals and silver gulls.

Another main attraction is the Pool of Siloam. This is a salt lake that is seven times saltier than the sea and is fed by underground springs. It is very popular for therapeutic purposes and if you don’t feel like swimming you can just float around due to the buoyancy the high salinity provides. 


The GGT UDRH provides students with the opportunity to participate in orientation tours in a number of towns within the Greater Green Triangle region. These tours are free and are undertaken by local councils and health organisations.

Orientation tours help students familiarise themselves with a town's layout and the availability and location of facilities and services, such as supermarkets, ATM's and banks, post offices, sporting and recreational facilities, cinemas and the like. They also give students some insight into the local community and a chance to ask any questions they might have about the region or their town of placement.

Health Services

The Millicent and District Health Service is the centre for health care in Millicent and the surrounding districts, including Beachport.

Millicent and District Hospital and Health Service
Mount Gambier Road
Millicent, South Australia 5280
Ph: (08) 8733 0100

Country Health SA  Gateway to South Australia's public health care system, with information for the community and health care professionals available on a range of health topics and related publications and resources, news and events, career information and employment opportunities.

Country South SA Medicare Local   Australian Medicare Local Alliance (AML Alliance) is a new, national government funded not-for-profit company which has been established to spearhead an organised system for primary health care across the country through a network of 61 primary health care organisations called Medicare Locals (MLs). AML Alliance and MLs have been established as part of the National Health Reform and, together with Local Hospital Networks, form a critical part of a new arrangement for locally governing health.

Search for a hospital in South Australia  MyHospitals is an Australian Government initiative making it easier for people to access information about hospitals, including details on performance, admissions, accreditation and the types of services provided by each hospital.



Beachport has an IGA supermarket located in Railway Terrace. Please note that the opening hours are typically more restricted than those in the city.


Beachport offers a choice of places to dine out and a wide variety of local seafood to choose from. The local Beachport Hotel is popular, along with a number of cafes and take aways.

Sports, Recreation and Tourism

Beachport has a lot to choose from in the way of sport and recreation. There are several sporting facilities, including a golf course and tennis courts. The local beaches in and around Beachport are popular surfing spots for people of all ages.

For more information contact the Beachport Visitor Information Centre:
Millicent Road
Beachport, South Australia 5280
Ph: (08) 8735 8029


While there are no banks in Beachport there are two ATMs. One is located within the Beachport Hotel and the other within the IGA supermarket. Should you need to visit a bank, there is a Westpac Bank in Millicent, which is a 20 minute drive from Beachport.

Library and Internet Access

There is a small library operating from the Beachport Visitor Information Centre. Opening hours are 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and 10.00am to 1.00pm on weekends. During the summer months it is open until 4:00pm on a Saturday and Sunday.

Internet access is available to students at the Beachport Visitor Information Centre.

Post Offices, Fuel and Other Services

The Beachport Post Office is located at 2 Foster Street and is open from 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and from 9.00am - 1.00pm Saturday.

There is only one petrol station in Beachport located in Railway Terrace.

Coin operated laundries are available for use at the Beachport and Southern Ocean Caravan Parks.

There are a number of places of worship in Beachport. For further information contact the Beachport Visitor Information Centre, or the church directly.

  • Anglican Church: (08) 8733 2090
  • Catholic Church: (08) 8733 3530
  • Uniting Church: (08) 8733 2630

Local Transport

There is no public transport available in Beachport, but most places are within walking distance of one another.

Travel Times

Beachport is accessible from Adelaide by both car and bus. Beachport is located 385 kilometres south east of Adelaide with a travel time of approximately four and a half hours by car.

For information on transport from Adelaide to Beachport visit Premier Stateliner.

Further Information

View more information on Beachport

Contact the Beachport Visitor Information Centre:
Millicent Road
Beachport, South Australia 5280
Ph: (08) 8735 8029

For a map of Beachport visit Wilkins Tourist Maps. Select 'Towns' from the top menu, type 'Beachport' in the search box and then select ‘Beachport - SA' from the list. 

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Flinders University supports students undertaking rural work-integrated learning placements through the provision of accommodation services. Flinders managed accommodation is available in a number of towns within rural South Australia, Northern Territory and western Victoria.

For Flinders managed properties, you can use the online booking system to check the availability of accommodation in the area you will be visiting. Some houses are tenanted by students on long-term placements and may not have any available rooms.

The accommodation is of a high standard and is low cost with lodgings predominantly situated close to the main hospital and associated health services of each town.

Accommodation typically comprises individual bedrooms with shared kitchen, living room, laundry and bathroom facilities. Where available, students also have access to a communal study area or Student Learning Centre.

Where there is no accommodation listed or available in the location of your placement, email (SA and Hamilton, Victoria) or (NT) to enquire about what other options may be available.

To book accommodation, first login or create an account, then add a placement before proceeding to add accommodation for that placement.


Additional resources

Safety information is also available for students when staying in the accommodation.


Accommodation is currently offered in these towns: